Vancouver Expands WiFi Network to Over 500 Locations Across the City

False Creek Vancouver

Phone bills these days can be quite expensive.  With the popularity of wanting to stay connected through social media, web browsing and email, we can quickly use up our data on our phones before the months up.  The City of Vancouver has just made a big announcement that will help eliminate those overage data usage charges.  The city has just activated over 500 free public WiFi spots in Vancouver.

The project #VanWIFI currently has 550 free public wifi locations throughout Vancouver.  They’ll be adding more locations to the list as well.  This will make Vancouver one of the largest free public WiFi providers in North America.

These 550 WiFi locations are at Vancouver Public Library locations, city administration buildings, and #VanWiFi locations.

For more information on WiFi locations or how to connect, visit the City of Vancouver website.

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