$15 or Less Frugal and Cheap Stocking Stuffer Guide for Her for the 2015 Holiday Season

Christmas stocking

Tis the season!  There’s no need to panic last-minute shoppers, because I’m here to share some great stocking stuffers for less than $15 for every woman in your life!  I’ve found some pretty cool unique hot holiday gifts.  Let’s not forget some of the more traditional stocking stuffers though, like chocolates, socks, undergarments, and scratch & wins, which any woman loves.  These are all so great because they’re affordable!  Whatever route you choose to go for your holiday shopping needs, make sure to do your homework and plan ahead, because you’ll save more money.  Below is Penny Lavish’s $15 or less frugal and cheap stocking stuffer guide for her for the 2015 holiday season!

Jelly Watches
You can find these pretty watches in many different colours, from white to blue to pink.  Most stores sell them, but the best deal is at Michaels Canada.  They sell for $11.99, but they usually go on sale and from December 11 – 17, they’re only $6! 

A Tea Infuser
Tea is becoming the new Starbucks.  It’s one hot trend!  So for the tea lovers, a great cute gift is the penguin tea infuser from DAVIDsTEA.  You can get them for only $12!

Rollerball perfumes are great!  They’re small and compact, easy to put in your purse, and smell just as good as the large size perfumes.  One popular perfume is Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and now you can buy it in a mini rollerball form!  Sephora is selling it for $14.

Bottle Opener Ring
This is a great idea even for the non-partier!  Icings by Claire’s carries a bottle opener ring for $9.50.  It’s a pretty and sparkly ring, but also serves as a bottle opener!

Headphone Splitters
This may not be a typical gift you would think of, but headphone splitters are a great necessity to helping kill time.  I know myself, many times I’ve been in a situation where I’d love to be listening or watching what my friend is watching when in a quieter area, but neither of us had a headphone splitter to let two headphones go into one device.  They’re one hot item this Christmas and you can find them at a lot of stores this year.  Garage has a cute fox splitter for $9.95.

Scarves are a great stocking stuffer.  They keep you warm and they’re one great accessory to add to any look.  You can find them pretty well everywhere these days, but Ardene always carries them at a low price.  My favourite scarf is the infinity scarf, because it’s less fuss, less hassle.  Here’s a great one from Ardene that is for $14.50 OR 2/$15!

What woman doesn’t love jewellery?  You don’t need to spend a lot to get some beautiful pieces of jewellery.  Most clothing stores sell bracelets, earrings and necklaces for a low price.  Heck you can even buy nice stuff at the grocery stores now.  RW&CO has a nice bracelet that is stylish and comes in a silver look and a gold look.  RW&CO has a lot of sales most of the time and right now they have 40% off their jewellery, which includes this bracelet for $11.40 with the sale.

Portable Speakers
Portable speakers are a great gift and stocking stuffer for anyone, especially for the harder to buy person on your list.  You can find them in different colours, shapes and sizes, and they range hugely in price.  A high price tag doesn’t always mean that they’re the best quality though.  Best Buy carries an Insignia portable line-in speaker for $14.99 that has great reviews!

Make sure to comment below with your favourite frugal stocking stuffer!  If you want to stay up to date with all of the latest deals, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog by e-mail, RSS feed, or twitter on the right side panel for computers or on the bottom of the page for mobile devices and tablets!  If you’d like to find more frugalness, visit the 126 free & cheap holiday events for Metro Vancouver 2015.


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