Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Teddy Bears

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching!  This special day lands, tomorrow, Saturday, February 14, 2015!  Unsure of what to buy for your sweetheart?  Don’t have a big budget?  Look no further!  Here is a list of gift ideas for him or her on V-Day!

1. Make Soaps or Bath Bombs – Make heart-shaped soaps or other fun soaps.  Click here for heart-shaped DIY soaps and here for another DIY soap instruction by video. Click here for instructions on DIY bath bombs.

2. Make a Love Coupon Book – Create a coupon book.  There are lots of ideas and coupon book printouts online.  Click here for a printable coupon book, thanks to i heart naptime.

3. Bake Sweets or Make Chocolates– Bake some sweet treats or make your own chocolates!  For Valentine’s Day sweet treat ideas, check out Wall St. Cheat Sheet.  For DIY chocolates, click here!  I promise, it’s easy!

4. Make a Heart-Shaped Bracelet – Make a heart-shaped wire bracelet.  Click here for instructions.

5. Make Candles – Make heart-shaped candles for your special someone.  Here are DIY instructions.


6. Flowers – Pick up a bouquet of flowers at the store.  Not all types of flowers are expensive and can still be beautiful!  Markets usually offer good deals on bundles of flowers that you can put together yourself.  Here’s a deal on Groupon for 50% off on flowers.

7. Make a Photo Book or Scrapbook – Buy a scrapbook and print off your favourite pictures and put them in your book.  Buy a Groupon and make a photo book online.  They start at $5.99!

8. Make an Etched Valentine’s Day Glass – Make an etched drinking glass! Click here for DIY instructions.

9. 101 Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men Everything Etsy has a list of handmade gift ideas for him.  You can make anything from pajama pants to a photo clock!

10. 101 Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – You can make anything from a pom-pom heart pillow to crochet hearts!  Check out Everything Etsy  for 101 ideas.

Did I forget a great gift idea?  Comment below!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog by e-mail or RSS to stay up-to-date for the latest deals!


One thought on “Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

  1. Thanks Penny Lavish! I am still recovering from the holiday over budget hangover (yes both physically and monetary) and was looking to do something special for my special someone. This blog has given me some great ideas for valentines! I’ll still be able to pay off my student loan this month and have a fulfilling valentines day with my girl. And she’s going to love it too because it will be more hands on, making things much more intimate:) Quality over Quantity! now if only i can find a site to pirate the new 50 shades of grey;)


    St. Valentine


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